Propel Change | Change Management | Business Consulting Solutions
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Business consulting solutions that transform behavior and yield change


At Propel Change, we believe in the “A Hah” moment. The moment when your employees realize they can lead change from within your organization. We do this through understanding how your business works and what areas need improvement.


We guarantee your business will improve systems, processes and function, and become more efficient and profitable. Our vast experience in various industries allows us to fully grasp the challenges you face and work from the inside out to improve communication and business functions.

Strategic Excellence

To achieve Strategic Excellence within your company, we focus on three specific areas of improvement, Strategy Development, Strategy Execution, and Strategy Evaluation. Learn more about how develop strategy that is actually implemented.

Operational Excellence

Propel Change has developed specific and collaborative training and change management programs that help your company achieve Operational Excellence. Learn more about our custom tailored service offerings that deliver flawless execution.

Organizational Excellence

Empowering your people with excellent management and communication training is essential to the improvement of your organization. Learn more about how we help you build strong leaders and teams with a laser focus on the most important thing.


Quantificient is a multi-faceted program that combines business process re-engineering with leadership development training to give you the best of both worlds in one structured change initiative that can have far reaching and long term impact.

Experience Matters


Our industry leading professionals bring knowledge and experience that helps change your organization. With years of business experience across various industries and keen business acumen that will allow us to uncover areas for improvement, our team works collaboratively with your organization to create efficient change from the inside out. Our team is professional, friendly and knowledgeable, but more than that, we create relationships that build collective buy in to make your business better.