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3(ish) Minute Moment: How Do You Celebrate Success?

3(ish) Minute Moment: How Do You Celebrate Success?

In my consulting practice, I see employers make this mistake over and over.  In an effort to do the ‘right thing’ for their employees and the morale of the company, they offer more pay and more vacation time as the primary incentive to keep employees happy.

The truth is there is an easier, less expensive and more effective way to build morale and retain your best employees.  The good news is that YOU can do it today!  I recorded this video to help you retain your best employees and make all of your staff more productive.

My hope is that this video can help make a positive change in your organization today!



So my client, Charlie, is a CEO in a healthcare organization, and he called me in because he said, “We’ve done all this work and these great projects. I think people should just know that we really appreciate them. So what do you think?”

Of course, I had a lot to say about that.

I convinced Charlie that just because you think people know you appreciate them doesn’t mean they do.

One of the questions I always ask is, “So is your birthday important?” Of course, in Charlie’s case, he said, “Phh, I could care less about anybody celebrating my birthday.”

What’s interesting about that is Charlie doesn’t care about anybody else’s birthday, either, so as a result, whatever he’s feeling, he believes everybody else feels.

So I talked to him, “You gotta get everybody’s input and think about what they need.” We had a conversation about that. The next day he calls and says, “Hey, I talked to the leadership team. “And here’s what they think we should do.”

I said, “Charlie, Charlie, that is awesome. Now, what I want to do is get the whole team together. The people who did the work and ask them, ‘We would like to celebrate you. What would be important to you?’

We did that. Charlie bought into that, and it was fantastic. But when we did, two things came up.

The first thing that came up was money. “Give us some more money.”

The second thing that came up was, “Hey, how about some time off?” I want you to beware of those two because if anybody ever says those to you and you give in to it, I’m going tell you what you’re in for.

I am being paid allowance, if I’m a kid, for mowing the grass. I get five bucks. I get a buck for the dishwasher. What do you think I’m going spend more time on? What do you think I’m going pay more attention to?

I’m going pay more attention to the $5 job, not the $1 job. And the same thing happens to your people. So, they’re going to start looking at what’s going pay me the most? How am I going to make more money? And then if you ever decide not to incent them with money, oh my gosh, you have your hands full.

So, be very careful of incenting with money and time off because they’ll always disagree on who should get the money and how much they should get.

One of the creative ideas that comes up all the time is why don’t they just say thank you to us?

So I’m going to tell you, if you will just take some time and say, “Thank you for all your effort. Thank you for your hard work.”

You can’t imagine how much that will mean to people.

Why don’t you do it? You just think they might be appreciated.

So don’t do what Charlie did and say, “They should just know.”

Make sure you’re going to your teams.

How do you celebrate success? When do you go to your teams and say, “Thank you! Thank you so much.”

When do you ask your team, “Hey, when we win, how would you like to celebrate?”