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3(ish) Minute Moment: The Curse of the Genius

3(ish) Minute Moment: The Curse of the Genius

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have said to one of your employees “Just do it, this is easy”.
  • You wish they would just work a few more hours so they “get it”,
  • You have ever thought “if I can do this, anyone can”.

If so, you may have the Curse of the Genius, so watch this video to learn more and get 3 tips to combat it.


One of the things that I hear a lot from CEOs or a lot of C-levels is, “This is easy, just do what I do, it’s not that hard.”

And when I talk to them about that, what I discovered is there are some very common beliefs that they all have.


1. If I can do it, anybody could do it.

2. It’s not that hard. It’s just really not that hard.

3. If you just work a little longer and a little harder this would come to you, too.


So here’s the cruel reality, everybody has different gifts and what I tell those people who say to me “this is just so easy” is you’ve made the most of your gifts. Your job now is to discover all of your people’s gifts and make the most of them, too.

The other thing that I have to remind them when they say, if they just do what I do, they could be just like me.

Maybe we don’t want two of you, for one, but the other thing is I remind them if they’re just like you, they could be your new boss, or you know what, they could be your competition. That’s not really what most people are looking for.


So what do you do when “The Curse of the Genius” bites you?

First of all, when you’re talking to somebody, be very clear on what you want and then how to do it. Make sure you don’t expect perfection the first time around. You weren’t perfect the first time you did it either. And remember what’s easy for you is not necessarily easy for everyone else. That’s why you’re gifted, and that’s why you sit in the chair you do.

So how many times have you been affected by the curse of the genius, now that you know about it and what are you going to do about it?

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