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Operational Excellence

Deliver your products and services with flawless execution.


Propel Change has developed specific and collaborative training and change management programs that help your company achieve Operational Excellence. Each program is custom tailored to the unique needs of your business, and executed over a period of time with built in check-ins, measurement, and accountability.  Our goal is to help you develop the right mix of products and services to meet your needs, timeframe, and budget.

Executive Coaching  

We enable executives, managers, and other identified team leaders to unlock their full potential and exceed expectations.  Our coaching process is structured, measurable, and focused on specific development capabilities.  The result is critical leadership skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, and build high performing teams. Our coaching changes their professional AND personal lives. Call us to learn more about how to start making those important changes. 



Quantificient = Quantifiable x Efficiency.  Guaranteed ROI.  Sustained Improvements.  Everyone is on board.  Welcome to Quantificient; a proven, structured program that:

  • Combines Leadership Development and Change Management Techniques
  • Engages all levels of your organization
  • Aligns efforts into your overall vision with clearly communicated goals
  • Drives accountability for each project…in fact, they actually get completed!

Want to jumpstart your continuous improvement efforts? If so, call us for a free assessment.


Processes that really work  

Many times, busy people don’t take the time to ask “how can we do this better”. Using our proprietary process, you can have all the processes in your entire company mapped in as little as two days.  During the session, we take it one step further and help you focus on which processes need to remain “as is”, be eliminated, revamped, and/or automated.  The end of the session includes “What’s Next”, which includes prioritizing and accountability.  If you want to focus on fixing those “ailing” processes, but are too busy or not sure how, give us a call to discuss the best path for your organization.


Effectively Leading Change

When organizations are facing any type of change and are unsure of what to do, need an extra set of hands, or just want advice, our 30 years of experience in all types of changes and all types of organizations will come in handy.  Our scope ranges from large scale technology implementations to effectively explaining a new layer in the organization. If you have a desire for a smooth change and need “been there, done that” experience, give us a call. 


Customized Training Programs  

Investment in employee training helps you optimize employee potential, which leads to greater success of your organization.  When “off the shelf” is not what you are looking for, we can partner with you to deliver a top-notch training program.  The first step is to understand your wants and needs.  Then we analyze the current situation and form a creative plan for the most effective, efficient way to meet your goals, timeframe, and budget.  This includes accountability components to ensure that learning actually occurred.  If you need help creating a customized training program, give us a call to discuss your goals. 

Call us for a free consultation to help you get started in the right direction.