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Speaking Engagements



  • 5 reasons your employees aren’t changing. 
  • Change…how to minimize the pain. Change is easy…getting people to do it is hard. How to make change happen! 
  • Change Nirvana…yes, those two words can be used in the same sentence. 4 keys to help you reach it! 


General for Any Audience (Improvement- Professional & Personal, Prioritizing work, Communication, Networking)

  • Too much on your plate? …quick and easy way to prioritize EVERYTHING in your life. 
  • Key phrases that help you get a “YES”. Business – how to ask for something. 
  • Conflict – 5 key ways to eliminate it.
  • Networking is NOT just for sales people: Tips to prepare you for success beyond your wildest dreams! 
  • 10 tips for communicating your way to the top. 
  • But I told them…why didn’t they hear me? Communicating to get results. 
  • You CAN be an ‘off-the-charts’ presenter. 
  • 10 Differences in How Men and Women Communicate…and What To Do About It. 


Leadership / Accountability

  • Is a sense of urgency missing in your organization? Foolproof tips to instill a sense of urgency 
  • The Expert is not always the best leader…challenges and how to overcome them. 
  • 10 tips for effective meetings…every time. 
  • Money is NOT an incentive…creative ways to incent your employees. 


Continuous Improvement / Profitability

  • Do you want a culture of continuous improvement? …don’t just settle for a few projects that may help your organization.
  • Why isn’t it working? 2 of the easiest, most effective ways to find out what’s wrong and fix your process (continuous improvement) 
  • Is your organization as profitable as it could be? Learn the hidden “black holes” for your profits and how to fill them! 
  • 3 Keys for project success…and reasons why they fail.
  • Change your communication style and increase your credibility.
  • Using conflict resolution to build stronger relationships.
  • Presentations: Messaging, mechanics and managing your audience.



  • Implementation: Secrets for success.
  • Implementation for beginners:  tips and tricks.

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