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Steve Scott

Vice President of Facility Solutions
Lee Company

 We implemented the Quantificient program for Facility Services staff. This program taught participants to identify opportunities for improvement, analyze associated costs, map and streamline business processes, develop change management and project plans, and implement the change.

Joey Hatch

Skanska USA

 If you want results, call Propel Change. We have worked with Donna Griggs and Propel Change for several years and referred them to other companies on numerous occasions because of the results they consistently produce. Donna is an expert at understanding your goals, then helping you achieve them in a way that fits your personality and culture. However, she is not afraid to push you and have tough conversations when needed. I consider Donna a friend for life!


Mark Hendrickson

Peoples Trust and Savings Bank

 We used Quantificient methods to implement organization redesign, process improvement and cost reduction initiatives including a “referral” program that resulted in 70% close rate during the first year for all referrals. To date, there is a large proportion of business due to referrals made by employees. 2010 through 2014 have been the most profitable years in history.”