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Our Story

A Focus on Change and Performance

For over 25 years, the Propel Change team has been at the forefront of Change Management and Leadership Development training. Consulting with a who’s who of U.S. companies and international organizations, our management has initiated breakthrough training methodologies and change applications for a wide variety of business categories. Our track record of growth, customer referral and customer loyalty is unparalleled.


Starting in the 1980s, we assisted companies in making the transition to computer based systems and implementing sustainable in-house training programs. We
evolved to include more widespread and pressing service needs-business process
re-engineering to improve operations and, through our partnership with Innolect, development for management and future corporate leaders.


Our team has worked successfully independently or as a valued complement to internal staff. In either instance, we always exceed expectations.



  • We treat everyone involved with respect
  • We incorporate the culture of each organization into the effort
  • We ensure the process is relevant and fun
  • We focus on results.

Our process


Over the years we have worked with a broad spectrum of industries, examined the most divergent business procedures and interfaced with all classifications, and levels, of management and employees. Throughout this experience it became evident that, to succeed, every engagement required upgrading two distinct skill sets: Business process efficiency and Leadership ability