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Become Quantificient  and elevate your team to a new level


Quantificient = Quantifiable x Efficiency


“Quantificient™ is a proven, structured program that combines leadership development and change management techniques to create continuous, sustained improvement in your organization. Developed by Propel Change, Quantificient engages all levels of your organization, from senior management to frontline employees, aligning all of their energies into a single vision with clearly communicated goals.


Quantificient is a multi-faceted program that combines business process re-engineering with leadership development training to give you the best of both worlds in one structured change initiative that can have far reaching and long term impact.

Benefits of Quantificient

  • Engages all levels of your organization
  • Aligns efforts into your overall vision with clearly communicated goals
  • Discover how to uncover cost-saving opportunities
  • Learn how to re-engineer processes for greater efficiency
  • Improve leadership ability
  • Enhance corporate communication
  • Groom skills for leading change.

Quantificient Skillsets


With Quantificient, we employ a three step process that deploys engaged leaders who showcase sustainable continuous improvement that generates ROI long after the program has concluded.

  • Skill Development

  • Skill Attainment

  • Skill Deployment

Our ROI Promise

Propel Change guarantees the annual cost savings generated by Quantificient will exceed your program investment, or we’ll refund the difference.